Mining & Resources Travel

At FCM, we understand that managing travel for mining employees and businesses that service the mining sector requires unique industry expertise.

FCM Travel Solutions - Industry Specialisation

FCM's portfolio of clients includes business across every industry and every specialisation. At FCM we understand that managing travel for companies in the marine and resource sectors requires unique industry expertise.

Mining sites are often harder to access, crew changes rely on roster cycles, accommodation options can be limited and site regulations for vehicles mean that car hire isn't as straight forward as it is for businesses in other industries.

It's because of these challenges corporate travel management for the mining sector has evolved into a highly specialised field. As a result, FCM has developed internally a culture of industry specialisation.

Our travel managers understand the unique requirements of this industry and have the knowledge and expertise to offer a flexible, personalised service with strategic travel management solutions specifically developed for this area of travel.

Our knowledge of mine sites, crew changes, regional air routes and accommodation, site and car hire regulations coupled with our global network of travel product, strong supplier relations and negotiating strength ensure your people receive unrivalled travel management expertise.

As your mining industry travel experts we offer:

  • You'll work with a team of travel experts that are dedicated to managing travel for mining and associated industries
  • The best range of travel management services
  • An unrivalled track record with more than 20 years specialisation in this field and over 200 clients in mining and associated industries
  • Industry travel expertise in regards to air travel included charter flight options, car and accommodation